Upgrade from Entrek TOOLBOX Windows CE Edition 1.3 to Entrek TOOLBOX Windows CE Professional Edition 1.4

Why upgrade?

Our new debugger integration features will help you debug issues much more quickly.  Plus, our low memory simulation will allow you to stress your application like never before.  For complete details on version 1.4, click here.

Upgrading is easy.

The first step is to purchase the upgrade.  The upgrade fee is $95.00.  To purchase, click Add to my cart!

Once your order has been submitted, please allow 24 hours for us to process your order.  Normally we will get to your order much sooner, though.

After we've processed your order, you will receive your new product key in email.  The email will contain a link you can use for validating your new key, and invalidating your existing key.  You will also have a link for downloading the new version.


Please do not purchase this upgrade if you do not already have a valid product key from a prior version of Entrek TOOLBOX.  Without a valid key, you will not be able to complete the upgrade.